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MAST - About us

Just in case you were wondering about the people behind MAST - here's the lowdown...

Who is Alicia O'Reilly CIP ?

I’m another native Dub, born in 1954 & also with a long and varied work history.   I too became an official statistic as an Irish emigrant in the 1970’s.
Life brought me to London & then Amsterdam, where I worked in IT for many years before moving to Reinsurers Marketing B.V. when I encountered the intricacies & mysteries of the insurance industry.
My life-long love affair with markets began in Amsterdam. I was a young mother of twin girls, faced with the prospect of learning one of the EU’s more difficult languages and found the informal atmosphere that pervaded Amsterdam’s municipal street markets to be the ideal classroom.

Who is Ciaran Casey?

Born in 1952, I’m a native Dubliner with a long and varied work history. During the early 1970s I spent a year as a salesman in Simpsons of Piccadilly and then began working for various London-based private detective agencies.
From 1985 to 2002, I managed the Celtic Jewellery Stall opposite Trinity College, Dublin.  So…….I reckon I’ve paid my market-trader dues!
Hitting 50 was a big deal for me; I quit selling jewellery and started studying for a BA in Philosophy at the Milltown Institute…..which I’ve yet to finish!
However, I’d been bitten by the education bug and from 2005-2007, I studied for and achieved a Higher Cert in Radio Broadcasting at IADT, Dun Laoghaire. I was also lucky enough to have RTE’s Brendan Balfe as a lecturer.
On the 18th May, 2015 Delta passed away in her sleep. She was almost seventeen, she wasn’t ill, she didn’t suffer but her passing left a hole in our lives.
Grief takes time & time is a healer. So, when January 2016 arrived we felt that we were ready for a new canine companion. On January 23rd we went to the DSPCA in Dublin & there we found a gorgeous black & white collie. He had been found wandering the back roads of north County Wexford, so the good people in the DSPCA decided to call him Murphy.
He’s been with us since 30th January 2016 & he’s a total joy. 
      Delta in 2013
     Murphy in 2016
Meeting Brendan resulted in me becoming a presenter/researcher on the RTE Radio 1 series Rhythms of Life, which ran from 2007-2009. It was based on the diverse range of music & musicians who performed at Dun Laoghaire’s now defunct Festival of World Cultures.
In the midst of all this excitement, I met MAST co-director and my soul-mate Alicia O’Reilly; under the clock at Clerys. It was a moment of mutual recognition which opened up a universe of shared values. At the heart of those values is the unshakeable belief that cooperation and a willingness to seek new solutions are vital antidotes to the hard times we have been promised.

That’s mainly why we started MAST and we mean business.
Who is Delta?

Delta is a very smart sixteen year old Border Collie/Pointer mix, with a most beautiful disposition.
She walked into Alicia’s life in 1998, on the very day of her father’s anniversary & has been with her since.
We use Ark Veterinary in Patrick St, Dun Laoghaire.......
#Support Local Biz & during Delta’s annual check-up in 2010, the vet found nodes on four of her left mammary glands.
Delta needed an operation, which, the vet explained would not be too traumatic, as all the work would be on the surface of her body. However, due to her age & the length of the operation, the vet advised us that there was a risk of liver & kidney damage as a result of spending such a long time under anaesthetic.
Now let’s move to March 2012.
Delta slipped as she was coming down our wooden spiral staircase. Her rear left leg got trapped behind one of the metal uprights & the rest of her body kept travelling. This caused her rear left cruciate ligament to tear & she was left with a noticeable limp.
Ark Veterinary confirmed the damage but due to her age, ruled out surgery. They also said that Delta was 3kg overweight & suggested that we tightly control her diet.
Once again, we contacted Tom Farrington who prescribed the homeopathic remedy Ruta Graveolens for the damage to Delta’s leg. He also asked about her diet, which we had always considered healthy. We fed Delta a mixture of one of the better quality dried foods & our own left-overs........a real dog’s dinner!
However, Tom had a different viewpoint. He claimed that the digestive systems of our cats & dogs have not evolved to a state where they can effectively handle many modern pet-foods.
I returned permanently to Dublin in 2001 & have been involved with all aspects of the Irish market trading scene, both as a trader and from 2003; as a provider of Public & Product Liability insurance for market traders & operators.
In 2010, Ciaran & I got Dublin chosen to host the annual conference of the World Union of Wholesale Markets. Many of the speakers highlighted the huge difference in attitude/charges displayed towards markets & market traders by Ireland’s local authorities and that of our EU counterparts.
It also became clear that Irish traders wanted action regarding the high costs of obtaining Public, Product & Employers liability insurance in the face of a recession that has slashed turnover while the fees to trade at most events continues to rise.

Reducing insurance costs for Irish traders? 
That’s another reason why we started MAST and so far…..we’ve delivered!

We’re both strong believers in the curative powers of homeopathy & our vet agreed that he would place a dose of Arnica 1C powder on Delta’s tongue, as soon as he had her stitched up.
We also contacted homeopathic vet, Tom Farrington of Rosscarbery in Cork, (contact details below). Tom sent us a homeopathic antidote to the general anaesthetic, with the instructions that Delta was to get ten drops on her tongue as soon as she regained consciousness. Our vet said he had no problem with that & would follow Tom’s instructions.
To our vet’s total astonishment, Delta walked to the car when we arrived to pick her up. When asked for a comment, he shook his head & said; Homeopathy is a separate science!

In particular, Tom was most critical of dried food. He claimed that dried foods cause our pets to drink inordinate amounts of water. This in turn causes excessive wear & tear on the bladder & kidneys and is a direct cause of many ‘older’ pet ailments.
Tom suggested that we change Delta’s diet to a mixture of 70% raw minced beef or chicken mixed with 30% raw minced veg. We did & the weight fell from her. She was particularly fond of minced carrots, parsnips or red peppers.
Meanwhile, her energy levels coupled with the silkiness of her coat were astounding for a dog of her age.

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